Saturday, April 11, 2015

I went for a walk,
and it started raining.
I came home soaking wet.
I changed my clothes
and the first thing my dog did
was adorn me with a muddy footprint.
I had nowhere to go
and nothing to do
so it didn't really matter.
I picked up my knitting
and dropped a stitch.
It fell, twelve rows to ladder.
I set it aside
to fix it later.
Will do some laundry instead.
I stubbed my toe
going in the garage
and on the low hanging shelf, bumped my head.
I'll load the dishwasher
while I wait for the clothes.
A wet dish slips out of my hand.
It frisbees across the room
and knocks my tea cup down as it crash lands.
The last of my breakfast tea
is now on the floor with shards of pottery.
I cut my finger while cleaning it up,
and this, my last band-aid, won't stick.
The lesson I've learned from all of this
is don't get up early to walk.
It causes muddy footprints,
stubbed toes, and bumped heads.
If I had stayed in bed
I could be sipping tea instead
of holding my throbbing finger above my head.

by:  Paula D. Nevison

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Today, I smiled,
not on purpose.
My husband saw.
It made him happy.