Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Advice to Me

Take a deep breath.
Let it out, and pause.
Smile with your whole face,
just because.
Watch a movie and cry.
Root for the good guy.
Scream and shout and cheer.

Instead of gazing at the moon,
watch the sun rise.
Maybe Benjamin Franklin
gave good advice.
"Early to bed, early to rise..."
This year I'd like to be
healthy, wealthy, and wise.

by:  Paula D. Nevison

Saturday, December 10, 2016

It’s December.
Christmas is approaching.
School will be out for two weeks.
Presents must be bought,
the tree put up,
cookies baked,
and decorate.
I have an extra granddaughter,
a package deal,
her and her dad,
who married my daughter,
and my new grandson
needs a ‘First Christmas’ ornament.
I lost my dad in October.
It’s a bittersweet holiday
with new people to celebrate,
and old memories to commiserate.

by: Paula D. Nevison